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Since being bitten by a strange wolf as a child, Malaya Walters has attempted to live a quiet life…hopefully a life free of attempting to eat her family or the customers at her family’s coffee shop. Being the only werewolf she’s ever known, Malaya has managed her condition by keeping tight control on herself and the world around her, with lackluster results. That is, until a strange guy wanders into her shop one day and introduces her to a whole world she never knew existed…

How to be a Werewolf is a long form, ongoing story, started in February 2015. It's a story featuring complex characters who are all figuring themselves out (and sometimes each other out) and trying to learn to not be afraid of whatever comes next.

Quick FAQ:

  • What age range is this comic appropriate for?: Well, there’s cursing in it? Sex-related stuff is very tame, and for a werewolf story, the violence is pretty light. There are some themes of emotional abuse that are pretty strong and might upset some people.
  • Can I translate this and host it elsewhere?: Sure! Email me through my contact form first, and send me a link so I can keep track of you. It’s being translated into Portuguese, and it was being translated into Russian, but I can’t find the current link, so I think that guy might have given up lol. I don’t really mind, unless I’m looking to actually publish in those markets, in which case I might ask that you take your translation down.
  • Can I make fanfic/fanart for HTBAW?: Uh, yeah! Send me a link so I can share it! I probably won’t be able to read fanfic just to avoid any conflicts if our stories overlap at some point in the future (plausible deniability yay!), but I’ll totally tell everyone else to read it :).
  • Do you take commissions?: Sure! Check out my Patreon and see if the tiers are open for commissions currently.
  • Is Malaya ever going to hook up with [insert character here]?: Nope! My game plan is to keep Mal unattached. You’re welcome to imagine her with whoever, but the story I’ve always wanted to read was one featuring a female protagonist who just exists. She’s figuring out her life and her problems and her fears while growing into a stronger, better person. That’ll remain my focus :).