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A furry ball of sunshine
Posted March 27, 2018 at 2:30 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see a sketch from a future panel! I'm running out of panels that aren't blatant spoilers. Mmmmmmm I love fresh moral ambiguity in the morning. As a few people have pointed out, if this page never happened, Connie/Flora would have just died in the woods, immobilized for her lack of power and dying from crazy werewolf magic injuries, and that would have potentially spared the lives of all the kids she turns into werewolves down the line. BUT, Aubrey would have never been born. So I think this section is really more interesting if you consider it as less of Connie/Flora's backstory, and more of Aubrey's origin story. If Batman's parents hadn't been shot in an alley, Bruce Wayne would have probably lived a much happier life, but Batman would never have existed. Granted, Aubrey isn't a vigilante superhero, but you know...I have plans for her. She's important. And here's where she started! If you're sitting here wondering why this random werewolf would find Connie/Flora in the woods, like...give me a couple pages. All this gets explained. Like, literally as much as I can think of gets explained. Good thing I gave up trying to make shorter chapters, because for all the stuff that needs further clarification in this chapter, we're looking at another 85 page chapter. Yaaaaaay. I have to draw all that. (These pages have been very easy to draw, for which I am grateful, because I need to take it easy every once in awhile so I don't go crazy. Crazier.) And just a reminder, Ginger was on the front cover of this chapter, so obviously...we're going some places. Chapter 7 was the fun shopping montage/double flashback lesbian backstory as a brief respite before I drive this train off a cliff at full speed from here on out. Yay! Okay, I'm sleepy and the weather is gross and I have leftover pancakes I need to eat, so y'all play nice in the comments.