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An excellent day.
Posted February 15, 2017 at 11:55 am
Go vote over at TWC and you can see the hilariously shitty thumbnails that turned into this week's pages :D. So many randos to draw on this page. I tried to keep them interesting! I think the red head and the one who looks like Sam Winchester are dating, but he's jealous because she's spending all her time talking to her friend in the hijab. The two behind them are siblings. The guy in the shorts has just been to the gym and is convinced 90s boy band hair is still a thing, and then the lady in the brown jacket is an international spy. This town is very interesting. Theoretically, we're now at the beginning of...April. Or so. This comic has taken me two years to write and draw, and it's taken place over less than two months time lol. Time is kind of irrelevant, but I started posting it on a full moon in February 2015, so I decided it started in February just to coincide. I also liked the idea that as Malaya got more comfortable with herself and her abilities, we'd be heading into spring :). I also wanted to show a trade off in body language, where Elias is the uncertain one while Malaya is in her element. And hey, now that we've got these two establishing pages out of the way, the beef of this chapter is going to start next week! There's so much beef, too. For vegetarians, it's loaded with tofu. Regardless, it's a bit harder to drag people in at the beginning of a chapter, because people naturally want to save up a handful of pages to read all at once. Makes sense to me! This is going to end up being a more day-in-the-life type chapter, which I think will be a lot of fun after our more intense fight fight fight motif in chapter 6. I hope everyone had a good and/or benign Valentine's day! I had a fairly good one, despite once again being sick. I realized that the majority of my friends are single this year, so I actually had people to hang out with! I'm looking forward to celebrating post-Valentine's Half Price Chocolate Day, though. I'm off to nurse this cold, but I'll try and get to my backlog of comments soon!