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Aw dang.
Posted April 24, 2018 at 2:25 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see a special appearance in tomorrow's page! Hope ya'll remember Chapter 2. Okay, NOW she's evil. Transformation into supervillain complete. Or, mostly complete. It's been interesting to write this backstory (in flashback, via coffee mug) and show someone slowly but surely ramping up their behavior, because that generally mirrors how abuse works in real life. Most abusers start out really charming! Like, extra charming. Abusers are generally good at reading people, or they'd have no one who'd stick around to be abused. But, over time, their behavior escalates and crosses boundaries a little more and a little more, and you eventually end up with someone who's straight up dangerous. I'd like to tell you abusers are rare, but...I kind of think they aren't. I think our lizard brains translate our base natures into all sorts of personalities, but I don't know if being a good person is innate to anyone? I feel like you have to learn to not be an asshole, and that ends up being an ongoing effort your whole life as you adjust over time to social moors and new forms of communication. Anyway, I wish I had lots to say about today's comic, but I super don't because I can't focus at aaaaallllll lately. I think C2E2 finally caught up with me, because I was fine the week after, and now I feel like a sloth. My main goal today is to drive almost an hour to pick up some rollerskates I ordered, so that's been the primary thing I've been thinking about for a week. Sorry, comic! I can't pay attention to you because I have rollerskates! Skates only come in men's sizes (whyyyy?), and I wear a 4 in men's shoes, but I still had some extra room, so they ordered me a size 3 to see if that fits better. A size 3 isn't something a skate shop just has sitting around, I guess. But I rollerskated almost every weekend as a little kid at our local middle school/roller rink, and I wanted to reward myself for surviving C2E2 in one piece. Skating is literally the only sport-like activity that I enjoy, so I'm pretty excited. And there's dozens of videos on Youtube to teach you all the tricks I wanted to learn as a kid, so now I have have to skate around my house and see if I can figure out how to go backwards and do spins and shit. So, enjoy Connie being a terrifying asshole, and I'll see you guys tomorrow, hopefully with new skates :D