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Charlene's previous job wasn't "secret agent," but that'd be cool.
Posted May 22, 2018 at 1:00 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see Charlene's thoughts on Michigan. Greetings from California, probably! Assuming I'm still there in the future and everything has gone to plan. Who knows! It's weird writing this from the past. First off, no one complain about any weird spatial issues with my car interiors! Sometimes, a girl has to just make it work, and I referenced the hell out of this and the next few pages to keep things more or less consistent. Cars are hard. Interiors of cars are hard. People sitting stationary near each other for multiple pages is a fun challenge lol. At least they're wearing seat belts! Be safe, ladies. So, Charlene is gonna tell us about her life in New Orleans! Next week, because there's only one page this week due to me being on vacation. And I really enjoy her mini-backstory, and hopefully it'll give you a brief insight into the life of a witch in a place with waaaay more witches than suburban Michigan. Charlene is based on an amalgamation of a handful of friends who I used to work with. Since a few of my coworkers were pledged/pledging to sororities at the time, I got a rundown on historically African American sororities, which was really interesting! So Charlene pledged Delta Sigma Theta, because my friend was rejected by Alpha Kappa Alpha and how dare they. But anyway, Charlene's life will be covered next week, mostly. She's maybe a little overqualified to work at a coffee shop, but she lives her best life regardless. I also thought it was important to have a moment where Mal acknowledges that this is a primarily one-sided relationship that she's been benefiting from, and that there needed to be a more concrete reason that Charlene would come and help her without complaint. See you next week! I'll either be very refreshed or totally stressed from all the catching up I need to do when I get home! :D