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Connie is kind of awful.
Posted August 25, 2015 at 12:52 pm
Okay, I'm back after the weirdest vacation ever. Never mind whatever I said about pages being late, becaaaause I'm too paranoid apparently to do anything but be on time for the most part. Also, these pages were pretty straightforward. There's only two people, not five :D. Also, one thing that wasn't clear in the last handful of pages, but will become clear next chapter, is that Marisa is a human! That's not really a spoiler, but there wasn't a good time last chapter to be like, hey, here's my human friend who is not a werewolf. I guess I should start doing those little aside boxes like they do in most comics where it tells you the person's name and something about them without actually having to insert it into the narrative, but I have a really hard time thinking that way. Maybe in the revised, printed addition ;). But anyway, we get a bit more with her and Marin in the next chapter and then some things will be more clear, and some things will...not be clear. Not much to say about this page other than Connie is kind of an asshole. I don't like villains who are just straight up, unreasonably evil. I don't think most people realize when they're evil, and I think most villains are written really one-dimensionally. (There is something to be said for a villain who is unapologetically terrible, but that kind of megalomania is pretty rare, soooo.) I think everyone has that one boss, or family member, or colleague, or whatever, who is just off-handedly a dick sometimes, but you wouldn't really consider them evil so much as short-sighted and self-serving. If you've ever been in an emotionally abusive relationship, a lot of the dialog in the next few pages might creep you out. Sorry! I'm pulling it all from my own life experience, and it kind of creeps me out >_>.