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Dude, we needed those papers.
Posted February 21, 2024 at 12:25 pm

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Okay, I lied about the dates for posting for my vacation in March. There will be one page on the 6th, and one page on the 13th, and then it'll be normal after that! I had the week wrong. 

So, Tom is a complicated guy. He's sometimes sympathetic, and sometimes a total dick. I wanted to make him and Connie both...conflicting. They're kind of made for each other, actually. I like characters who have everything going right for themselves, but are still hung up on something in their past that makes them constantly sabotage their own happiness and refuse to compromise. I think that's really human, even if it is infuriating. Hopefully this page clarifies a little of why werewolves don't approve of getting into things with witches, even if they don't always prevent it. With Connie/Flora, she was one of the most powerful and skilled witches around, and that's fine if she likes you, but obviously very destructive if she doesn't. So the standard for werewolves is just stay the fuck away, because they have no real defense against witches, and witches have no guaranteed loyalty to them. You can kind of force your pack to be loyal, but a witch has agency in a way that a werewolf might not.

A heads up for anyone in the Chicagoish area, I'll be at the Barrington Library Fandom Fest day in Barrington, IL from 11am - 4pm on February 24th! Come visit! I'll have some merch and stuff :).



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