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Elias's daddy issues are so confused right now
Posted October 25, 2022 at 12:46 pm

Vote over at TWC and you can see a panel from tomorrow! Yay

This section of the chapter is titled "That point in your 20s when you start to see your parents and your friends' parents as human beings with complicated and disordered lives rather than authority figures who are separate from your own lived experiences." Anyway, I like writing Sara because I think she's got a good balance of werewolf problems and human problems. Werewolf stories seem to often neglect the day-to-day lives of most of the characters, or they live so separate from humanity that their human problems are largely removed from normal humans. But in reality, if werewolves were real, they'd have jobs and families and houses and coworkers...all of those things are complicated in their own right, so the werewolf issues are a layer on top of everything else. What do you do when your spouse, who you actually really like, is kind of a shit head in aggregate, but you're also a werewolf and finding someone else isn't as easy as using a dating app, and you need another werewolf around because doing all of this alone all the time leaves your pack vulnerable? Complicated! (And fun for me.) 


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