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Glowing eyes!
Posted November 22, 2017 at 9:51 am
Vote over at TWC...and you get the same incentive as yesterday sorry. I don't have time to make another one because like, I'm out of town and being fed and it's probably great. So, I imagine you guys have theories about all this, which is fair. And you'll probably mention various bits from Chapter 2 if you paid attention at that point, and maybe some stuff from Chapter 5 if you remember that stuff. (Archive button is up above, please feel free to reread everything >:D.) Is there more to all of this? Yes! Will we find out about it soon? Yes! But in next chapter because this chapter's already unwieldy. Is there more to all this stuff with Connie than we learned from Aubrey earlier in this chapter? Yes! Connie's not a reliable narrator, and what she's told Aubrey is whatever she felt like telling Aubrey. You guys have fun putting some pieces together, I'll have fun eating whatever my aunts feed me and enjoying weather where I don't need a coat. Awesome! See you next week :)