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Happy Valentine's Day?
Posted February 14, 2018 at 1:12 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see the cleaned up, redrawn and cuter versions of the stickers I'm having printed. Uuuuugh I can't concentrate at all today. All I want to do is browse gardening ideas on Pinterest and like, lay on a beach. It took me forever to get the finishing touches on this page done so it could be posted because I ended up browsing for plants I want to put in my yard. Oh well, who needs to focus on stuff? My grand plan this year is to create a container garden against my front porch, because after finishing my nice, tiered flowerbeds a few years ago...I can't freaking plant anything in them. I somehow ended up with the hardest clay soil there of anywhere in my yard, and it took me almost an hour to dig a hole large enough to plant one, tiny baby hosta in it. And the hosta will be fine, because you could plant them in concrete and they'd manage, but I think a series of different-sized clay pots filled with plants will end up being a better solution than amending the soil for years. I've got enough other flowerbeds that still need work that adding one more that needs even MORE attention isn't worth it. Anyway, comic stuff! I have a bunch of comments to get to! Thanks guys! I will go through them all, probably later today, but first I have to treat myself to Thai food for Valentine's lunch because I deserve sticky rice. (Mango's not in season, so...just sticky rice for dessert lol.) This page is basically a thesis statement on What is Connie's Deal? Connie literally lives in her own reality. She lives in a shitty house that she expends magic she doesn't have in order to illusion it into being acceptable-looking, but only in the rooms that she's currently in. She keeps a bunch of plants alive in her office without any sunlight using magic she doesn't have. She steals a bunch of kids with no real end game in mind. She assumes things will work out because she wants them to work out. She exerts her will on reality, and reality might not live up to her expectations, but in her own mind, that's not her fault. But hey, this page at least *seems* romantic, so I guess that's good for Valentine's Day. And then we get to next week's pages, and you'll be cured of that notion pretty quickly! Yay! We're done arguing, so now we can move on to Connie's alternative to arguing. Just because it's not a spoiler, I just wanted to point out that Sara Ross and her family are not related to either of these two. We got enough complications already, I'm pulling out the "we're all secretly related" card just to muck it up more lol. Have fun doing whatever you do on Valentine's Day! I suggest eating Thai food and going shopping alone, and then buying discount candy tomorrow, but only because romance is dead and everyone is terrible :D :D :D :D.