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He likes plants.
Posted July 13, 2016 at 1:33 pm
I've inadvertently made probably the most Midwestern werewolf comic ever, and I apologize for nothing. So, it's not unusual in my state to major in Agriculture. 4H is a really big deal around here, Future Farmers of America is a really big deal, Purdue has been one of the top schools for Agriculture science, etc. (I'm a city kid, so all this stuff is foreign to me, but I would really like to have a goat.) I did like, five minutes of internet research, and it seems like it depends on the school as to whether you major in Biology, focusing on botany for agriculture, or if those are totally separate things, or if botany is even mentioned. So, whatever. Vincent likes plants. I also learned that apparently, there's quite a market for botanists, which I had not realized. Hey, if this whole "making comics" thing doesn't work out in the long run, I now know what I'm going back to school for. And before you all attack me for GMO issues and Monsanto or whatever, a degree like this would cover a lot of aspects of farming. For instance, there's a lot of vertical, indoor hydroponic organic farms popping up where I live. It would also cover things like crossbreeding and developing new varieties, issues with diseases or pest infestations, etc. Anyway, I should have majored in plants, so I'm living vicariously through this guy in my comics. I also like the idea that he's all buttoned up and clean most of the time, and then spring comes, and Vincent's probably just covered in dirt most of the season. Which is kind of how I'd prefer to be, but I've got too much work to do, and those bags of mulch sitting in front of my house aren't going anywhere, soooooo... As one might expect, Elias remains generally ignorant about what might kill a human. To be fair, at least the blood is still inside his body. I did most of my ranting yesterday, so I'm rather spent today, as I've had nothing really new happen in the span of an afternoon. I've been introducing my friends to the second season of iZombie, which by the end of the season, just totally blew me away. I have a hard time rewatching things that make me really excited with people who haven't seen them yet, because the whole time I'm just like, "THIS PART IS AWESOME OR IMPORTANT!" and can't make myself stop. I have also taken that damn "how big is your vocabulary" quiz like three times. I'm not very good at abstract thinking, because I'm a very literal person, so I have a hard time with "blank is a synonym for blank", because my sad little logical mind is crying the whole time that those aren't literal synonyms/antonyms, and thus none of these answers are any good! Apparently, they took out the section of the SAT that was "blank is to blank, as blank is to blank", which is great. I did quite well on the English part of the SATs, a million years ago, but I hated that part. I like exact answers for things. If they feel like a compromise, I get frustrated. Like, the BEST answer should be the right one, not just the one that's not as bad or awkward as the other answers. I'm also very bad at games that require you to solve puzzles. If the puzzle is visual, I usually have no problem. But riddles or word games? Fuck right off, I'll just get frustrated and angry. There's a reason that this story marches along at a certain pace and with a certain amount of logic, and it's because my brain thinks in a straight line, and not doing so is very difficult! I find writing is actually a pretty good creative outlet, because if I write myself into a certain corner, well, okay, how do you logically get out of that corner? And then I walk the dog or take a bath, and inevitably come up with a way to get out of my corner. Sometimes, I toss things into this story because I KNOW they're going to fuck me up later on, like a challenge! And then I figure out how one person or another could be motivated in a certain way that would solve that issue when I get to it. I've always managed to work out what works best for how my brain deals with the world, and I find working with that rather than against it has served me well. You can't judge a fish by how well it climbs trees or whatever.