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It's okay!
Posted August 9, 2017 at 1:57 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see the last four thumbnails, which I think is kind of neat in terms of seeing how these pages look together. Also, I don't have any new gay drawings for today, so that's the best I got ;) This is one of those pages that shouldn't have been that hard, but I struggled with it like crazy and I STILL have issues with it. Overall it looks good, though. I like drawing Marin amazed by cute girls, because I also act like a huge nerd around cute people. She's being flirted with by, I guess, a very young Ellen. (Or an effeminate 13 year old boy...drawing lesbians is hard ya'll.) And hey! I figured out how to make Marisa explicitly bisexual in a not contrived way, so that's nice. Wasn't in my original plan, but it works. Marisa's family is Hispanic and Catholic, but I like to think they're the super chill (but devoted) Catholics. I mean, she comes from a family of witches, so they've obviously made peace with some stuff. Anyway, I think I've throw enough at Marin. She's a naturally pretty upbeat person, but after a certain point, it's hard to justify someone not being totally pissed off about their situation...and not just because she has a brain tumor O_O. Argh, normally I have more to say! My brain is worn out by this point in the week. (My weekend is technically like, today...and that's it?)