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It's time for a werewolf fight montage!! Though we're less hairy this time
Posted November 28, 2023 at 11:48 am

Vote at TWC and you can see Marin looking pleased lol

I went into these pages thinking "if I start off the chapter with only two characters in a forest, that'll be a lot easier to draw" and then ended up spending all week trying to finish this week's pages because, dear reader, it was not easy to draw! It turns out that having to look up a bunch of fight references and then draw two women fighting, and somehow neither of them are a werewolf in that instance (and the fur hides a lot of drawing sins), is very time consuming! I'm grateful this isn't a group scene, somehow lol

I decided against sound effects, because I think I wanted it to seem like it was happening all at once. Imagine Eye of the Tiger is playing in the background, or your choice of cool montage music. The idea of it just being two women in the woods with fight noises and no other ambiance isn't cool enough for what I'm envisioning, and adding sound effects I guess just makes it seem comical instead. 


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