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Jumping around and arguing is the new workout craze.
Posted October 24, 2017 at 1:26 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see the sketch for a very cute commission I'm working on of Elias and Vincent :) SO MANY WORDS. I'm not a fan of wordy pages, so I try to keep them to a minimum, but obviously that can't always be avoided. But they're good words! Or at least, important ones. I struggled a lot with writing this section, because obviously Elias has a lot of feelings, but Sara has a lot of legitimate reasons for her choices...plus, Elias is a bit of a brat lol. He doesn't mean to be! But he's only 22 and is very used to being assigned a purpose by his mother/pack. (And now, he's been offered a job by Malaya, so he's sticking to this pattern lol.) So, ya know...he's got some growing up to do as well. The "how to be a werewolf" aspect of this story applies mostly to Malaya, but it also kind of applies to...everyone. Marin, Marisa, and Charlene are the only ones in this comic who are mostly on the other side of figuring themselves out (and I guess the parent characters), but everyone else has work to do. Which is why this is a story, because characters with nowhere to go aren't as interesting. I will totally address those dead people at some point. I have a plan, but it won't work til next chapter. They're not really essential to the plot, basically just a MacGuffin to get Elias into the picture in the first place, but I should probably address their existence at some point. There are many comments I haven't had time to answer from last week! I'll get to 'em! Today or tomorrow! It depends how much time I allocate today to staring at the wall and confronting my existential dread. In life news, I'm on the hunt for appropriate winter clothing, as per usual this time of year. I hate winter fashion. Winter fashion is great if you live places that aren't actually cold, but if you live where it's cold, you do actually have to dress so you don't die. Which means wearing a coat! Which means you can't pile on a million layers or else your coat won't fit! Which means multiple thin, warm layers! Which usually means sweaters...but sweaters have to be hand washed and dried flat, and in my house that takes three days. (The cold makes it take forever for things to dry. Yay.) The trend this year is like...fuzzy stuff. Fuzzy, polyester jackets and cardigans. All of it looks like it'll get dirty and just stay that way forever. Or come out of the dryer looking like a matted cat. Anyway, my issue is I hate being cold, and I hate looking like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow man in my layers and layers of clothing, so the hunt continues. Thinking I might break down and buy some thermal layers from Uniqlo and call it a day, but we'll see. BTW, help me out by liking/sharing/whatever this year's Halloween image so I can win something :)