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Posted March 29, 2016 at 1:45 pm
Hey everyone, if you could do me a favor, I'm trying to see how far up I can get on Top Webcomics! I've put off signing up because I never had much of an audience to start with, but I've got one now! So vote for me please :). And as far as Patreon goes, I realized I haven't posted much for anyone who's only donated $5 or less, which I'm going to try and ramify soon. Admittedly, other than drawing the comic, I haven't done any normal art lately, so there's been nothing to post for that level other than the zip files of the comic so far. But I appreciate the support! The majority of people at that level only signed up this month, so rewards for that level will be a focus for next month :). As well as a new chapter cover, dedicated to my $20 supporters while I'm gearing up to do their commissions. They are patient, and also great. So, this page is sort of goofy, but these three are kind of goofy :). Well, together. Worth noting, Malaya loosens up a lot around Elias, and actually Elias loosens up a lot around Marisa. Marisa is the oldest, but also has the most...aggressive/playful personality of the group, which makes Mal and Elias both less high strung. Elias cracks a lot of jokes, but he's also a pretty "nose to the grindstone", "gets shit done" kind of guy. The way characters play off of each other is really important to writing a successful story, I think. Everyone has different sides that come out around different people, and ignoring that weakens your characterization. I think, too, it helps show that werewolves in a stable social situation are happier and more confident than werewolves in an unstable situation. (*cough hack cough* Everyone in that shady house *cough hack*.) I kind of wish I inserted one more panel of them running at a distance just to emphasize it, but it physically doesn't fit on the page, and it was that or the pause beat of them thinking. Works better this way! The larger point of this page is Elias's mom. She's obviously on his mind, and she's going to play an important role in the future. Elias is obviously a little terrified of her, though I'm not sure how much of that speaks to his own need for her approval versus who she really is. I guess we'll find out! Because hey, there are four pages left in this chapter! (Though don't be surprised if I stretch it to five, because I like starting chapters on new weeks.) And because I need to actually start writing the next chapter rather than the piecemeal notes I've got so far. Haaaaa this happens every time though, and I kind of do it on purpose. Oops. In life news, SHIT WILL NOT SLOW DOWN LATELY WHAT THE HELL??? I've been home from my Los Angeles vacation for 2 weeks, and in that time, I've apparently hit the ground running. And acquired a kitten? And also bowed out of my friend's wedding this weekend in Florida. The kitten is awesome! He's a super sweet little black boy cat...but he's got FIV. Which is the equivalent of HIV for cats. It's hard to transmit to other healthy cats, but that doesn't mean it won't. I've got three healthy (ish) cats already, and it wouldn't be safe to risk it. I have a few potential options, but I'll have to see what shakes out. He's fixed and vaccinated in the meantime, so it'll be easier to find him a home that way. My friend's wedding in Florida is a real regret, because I've been planning to go for a few months now, but on top of my last vacation, it's just a big expense. And it's spring break. I think if I had planned ahead better, things would have been fine, but I was planning on flying out on my cousin's stand by passes because she works for an airline, and that means booking hotel and car rental last minute too. Which checking those the other day, the price had more than doubled in just a few days, so that's a no go. I have airline miles that I could use, but I've been saving those for a regular vacation. It took over a year to get enough for an actual flight, and I hate to waste them if I don't have to. So, I'm sad, but I sent them some nice stuff off the registry, and hopefully I can visit them at a less crazy time of the year. All the same, I hate to say that I'm grateful that I'll have a few low-key, do nothing days coming up because I need them. I have a stack of laundry that just won't quit, and I'm pretty sure I just did laundry last week >_<. Anyway, enjoy! I have to go eat breakfast and clean house because I'm an adult and apparently I'm stuck that way :P.