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Just give in.
Posted November 16, 2016 at 1:50 pm
Today's voting incentive is the thumbnails for this week's pages, in case you want to see the goofy scribbles that led to yesterday's page, especially. GUESS WHO'S BACK? I actually had to map this whole thing out with my friend, because I debated on bringing Malaya back into the story a little sooner (before the werewolf fight really got underway), but we decided that for dramatic tension, she needed to wait a little so it didn't feel like one transformation after another. After poking at my game plan for a few days, it all fell into place and I'm super happy with the way the pacing in this chapter came out. Anyway, if you peeked at the voting incentive from yesterday, you knew that Elias was in this page looking normal. He was actually the least spoilery thing I could choose lol. If you're thinking, man, this panel seems familiar, it was back in chapter 3 when he's explaining pack structure and whatnot. So she did learn things! We haven't really had the time to expand on any of it too much, but I knew that down the line, I would be referencing this line again, so that worked out well. I mean, I planned for that, so...that's how writing a story works? Yes. I'm not super coherent today, because I stayed up til midnight watching a little over half of Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? and then got ready for bed, only to end up in political news hell once again. As per usual. If I should ever see a train wreck in my life, you'd better believe I'll be watching in horror. I cannot look away. Then I'll like, go and help or whatever because I'm not an animal. Also, I'm small and fit into tiny spaces, and I feel like that's very useful in the aftermath of a train wreck. Anyway, I got something around six hours of sleep last night before my animals decided to wake me up by knocking shit off of my desk, or in my dog's case, attempting to smack me in the face with her giant dog claws. For a fifty pound dog, she's got the feet and claws of a hundred pound dog, which is adorable, so I'm not too pissy about it. I love Mabel's giant feet :). Maybe tomorrow I'll wake up a bit more, because I've got a million appointments to go to, which is a lot more than my usual number of appointments which is zero. I prefer zero. Okay, enjoy! I'm going to attempt to put on my human suit and get some shit done before I pass out on the couch this afternoon O_O.