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Knowledge is power
Posted June 17, 2015 at 1:05 pm
The weirdest part about writing a webcomic is that I'm kind of sailing free, no editor or anything. (Though I bother my friend Maureen all the time to tell me if stuff makes sense and for brainstorming purposes, so I guess she's my editor.) It took me a lot of iterations of dialog to make this page make sense the way I wanted it to. Especially the last line, because everything came off really aggressive, and she's not aggressive here, just kind of frustrated and desperate. I ended up redrawing the unconvinced faces about three times, and I'm still not sold, but they look better than when I started, so I win? Drawing is hard, why does anyone do this? Terrible hobby. Should've taken up basket weaving instead. I apologize in advance for my heteronormative depiction of pack formation. No one's wearing clothes, either. I was going for nondescript scribbles, like the Human mascot from Community but not terrifying.