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Last Page of Chapter 6!
Posted February 8, 2017 at 11:57 am
Vote over at TWC, and you can see the scribbly thumbnails that turned into this week's pages :). Most important thing first: this is the last page of chapter 6! Finally! Finally finally finally finally! For reference, this chapter ended up being 84 freaking pages, and I started drawing it at the end of March 2016. For reference, Chapter 5 was only 38 pages, and that was the next longest one I've done so far. I debated pretty heavily if I should make this all one chapter, or split it somewhere around the basement scene, but I decided that it flowed much better as just one, massive chapter. One of the weird joys of making a webcomic is that there aren't any page counts or boundaries. If this were a serialized, monthly comic...one, I would die. I'd have a team to help me, but holy crap, that's so much work. Two, I would be required to fill out something like 30+ pages a month...There would be a lot of weird, clunky splits in my story, and I'm not interested in that. Elias's pep talk is very similar to the pep talk I've given to myself every day of this new administration. Hmmmmmmm. Fun fact: this is the only time I've actually had Elias in a space alone so far. Malaya is alone pretty often, and we get her inner (outward) dialog a lot, but usually Elias is talking to other people or explaining things. He's not really a very confident guy lol. He seems like he is! He sells it well. But overall, he's got issues with trusting himself, just in a different way than Malaya. He's not worried that he'll maul anyone to death, but he's definitely worried about fucking things up and hurting people. And in this instance, he knows he sacrificed his connection to his pack and his family in order to help out Malaya's family get Vincent back, sooooo he'll be feeling those consequences for awhile. Anyway, I'm underway working on the first few pages of Chapter 7, but I have to finish the chapter cover first. If you want to follow along, donate whatever you want to my Patreon and you can check out my progress while helping me keep this comic alive forever :). In life news...I haven't been leaving the house much. Not because I want to stay inside, I just have nowhere to go this week lol. I have a lot of stuff coming up, at least! There's a meet and greet with my US Representative this weekend. I've met him quite a few times, actually, but I think he's a stand up dude and I like to support him and hear him tell me things will be okay eventually. (Hmmm.) And next weekend, there's a march near me for immigration, so I'm going to go to that. Otherwise...It's winter, it's gross outside, and everyone I know is busy or also staying inside a lot :|. But hey, it's finally paczki season around Chicago! (Pronounced pawnch-ki, because Polish is like that.) Paczki are basically...Polish jelly donuts. They're pretty equivalent to a German berliner, but the idea is that you make them for Fat Tuesday in order to get rid of all the stuff you can't have for Lent. Or something. I don't religion. But paczki are very fattening and very awesome. My goal for this year is to find some with chocolate cream filling. My grocery story used to have them, but now their options are mostly fruit-filled. One of the options is always prune filling? I'm not familiar enough with my Eastern European roots to really know why you'd put prunes in a donut. I'm fairly certain my family isn't Polish? My great grandmother liked to fuck with people, so we don't really know. If people were making a joke about Polish people, she would say she was Polish so she could act offended, but I'm fairly certain her family was Hungarian. Like I said, we'll never know, other than that family tradition dictates that you yell "yaksemash!" at the dog when it's being bad...which means "Hello" in Polish. Why is my family so damn weird? Anyway, paczki season means Fat Tuesday, which means Lent, which means Easter, which means Spring Solstice, which means Fuck Winter. And I take Fuck Winter very seriously. Paczki to me means the heralding of warmer weather and flowers and the soon-to-be end of Winter, which is why I like Polish jelly donuts.