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Lawless bullies.
Posted May 24, 2016 at 1:34 pm
I changed the incentive drawing for voting! If you click the Top Web Comics button on the right, you can see a big version of a panel from tomorrow's page :D. It's Elias looking frustrated, which is going to be a recurring theme. So, last chapter, Marisa mentioned that witches might be gossipy loaners, but werewolves are mired in politics and bureaucracy. That wasn't a throwaway line, it's a fact! If you've got people who change into giant, powerful beasts, after centuries and centuries, those people would have to organize their damn selves or they'd be exposed to the human world on a regular basis. Werewolves might get pretty feral when they change, but they've got a whole underground society going when they're not so hairy. Each state has a council made up of the Alphas in that state, plus occasionally anyone else they trust enough to help them out if the pack is big enough. They communicate through their own werewolf dark web, so to speak. You wouldn't find it in an internet search...or you'd think there was some really elaborate roleplaying going on, maybe. There aren't a fuckton of werewolves, so calling a meeting isn't terribly difficult. That's only maybe 10-15 people that you need to get a hold of, but it still takes time. I liked the idea of an alpha being more of a leader or a boss than we normally see in werewolf stories. In an actual wolf pack, the alpha leads hunts and stuff and kind of maintains order amongst the other wolves. In most werewolf stories, you end up with this sort of weird...power fantasy I guess? A lot of times the alpha thing comes across as being pretty sexual, too. Like everyone has to submit to this powerful leader. I get the appeal of that, but I'm staying very far away from it. Plus, Elias is her son, so that's creepy. Anyway, here's Elias's mom, Sara Ross. She lives about an hour away from Malaya's town, Crescent Lake. She has a dog, who is modeled after my previous golden retriever/German shepherd mix, Emma. (Her dog doesn't seem as big as Emma, though.) Sara is inspired by Ellen Harvelle from Supernatural, because I can, except she's got curly hair like all of her kids. Elias's dad is...somewhere. Don't worry about it, we'll get around to him. Elias has an older sister who's married with kids, and she lives somewhere on the Upper Peninsula. His brother is somewhere in southern Michigan. Elias's little sister has just started college. I mention all this because I have no idea when I'll factor it into this story, but it'll be awhile and this stuff isn't exactly spoilers. Suffice to say, even if he could call in the troops, the troops are fairly well dispersed, so they'd need some serious travel time. By the end of all this, I'm not sure how you guys are going to feel about Sara. It's not going to be so easy as call in reinforcements, show up and kick some ass, and then move on. (We're not there yet in the story, anyway.) She's not a bad guy, but she has her reasons for sticking to the rules, which will hopefully become clear in the next few pages. These two are very chatty and I hate it because all this dialog takes up too much space. In life news, someone threw a rock through my damn rear car window yesterday night O_O. Apparently, this same person did it to like, four other cars around town, so at least it wasn't deliberately malicious. I can't help but feel that this asshole will get away with everything and face no consequences, so that's great. Overall, I'm super grateful that I never bought a new car. Fixing a windshield in a 2006 Hyundai is way cheaper than fixing a 2016 Hyundai. Or whatever else. (That's a lie, I'll probably get another Hyundai after this because my car has been fucking awesome so far.) I'm still sort of processing all this, because I'm not sure what emotions I'm feeling. Like a normal, mentally healthy adult, my general preference is to just shooooove all those feelings down and throw some money at the problem until I can pretend it never happened. I guess I'd say I'm kidding, but honestly for my mental health, it just helps to stay calm and know that by tomorrow, my window will be back to normal, I'll be out $250, and life will resume like nothing happened. I've been on my own since I was 19 with all the corresponding adult life responsibilities, so by this point, I've had so much stupid bullshit pop up that I just keep my focus and deal with it and move on. I have no idea if that's the best way to get through life, but if the alternative is being an emotionally volatile wreck who freaks the fuck out over everything, then I'll stick with what works. Also, emotionally volatile people drive me super crazy. They aren't good for my patience. I understand where they're coming from, I can empathize, but if you're going to freak out all the time, I have to stay the fuck away for my own good. Can't do it. I am basically a very petite, lady version of Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec. Minus the hunting and the fucked up relationships and the raging Liberatrianism. (I also appreciate fine woodworking and have a tendency to fix shit on my own, so there ya go.)