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Posted December 29, 2020 at 12:51 pm

Vote over at TWC and you can see a panel from tomorrow

These pages have turned out so detailed compared to what I normally get away with that they're taking forever, though some of that is my complete lack of focus. Winter is my enemy! I'm trying, though. I haven't had as much time to keep on top of the comments other than approving new commenters on Disqus, so if anyone starts acting funny, please shoot me a message on Twitter or email me or something and I'll come deal with it. Everyone is usually super awesome in the comments, and thank you for being that way! I appreciate it! I know a couple Hiveworks comics had to close the comments because shit just was always out of hand, but we've never had that issue because everyone here is very cool. (And we'll all stay that way!)

I really like drawing Marisa's magic, but I am ever so grateful that I had more time before Charlene's magic was introduced, because it's always been amorphous blobs by comparison. Which is a million times easier to draw! The idea was that Marisa's magic would like like a puzzle, because she puts things back together and fixes things. (She could also take them apart, I guess. That'd be neat.) But since Charlene's magic is more about molding magic into shapes (horses, scary werewolf blobs, etc), it makes more sense that her magic doesn't look so concrete. 

Tomorrow we get to meet some of the Detroit witches, which is a fun scene I'll get to write for next week. This isn't entirely a gathering of hippies, I promise lol


I haven't forgotten about my idea for a contest yet! It got a bit waylaid because my life is chaos and I'm trying to get a million things done this month it seems, but we'll come back to it one day! In the meantime, there's new merch up at the Hivemill store. I added some new prints and tshirts finally, so if you like my comic and would like to support me, please go see if there's something you like! The shirts are American Apparel, so size up if you're not sure what size to get.

I made a TikTok? I haven't been using it really, but China already knows my whole life at this point anyway.

HTBAW Fandom Wiki is up and running! Thanks to Myk Streja for tons of help with moderation efforts and everyone else who's done a ton of work on adding information and filling out the Wiki. I know nothing about how this stuff works and I'm too old to learn :D.

Feel free to check out my goofy Amazon store if you're so inclined (this is an ad, as I get a tiny commission if you do buy something), or I have some merch up on Society6 if you're looking for my old store link! Thanks to everyone who's come out to support me through Ko-fi and Patreon!