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Look who's back!
Posted April 19, 2017 at 1:12 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see the scribbles that turned into this page eventually! My favorite panel on this page is probably the second one. I keep ending up with these very blue and brown palettes, which isn't intentional, but I like to harmonize with Mal's skin tone so things look cohesive. Also, trying to make that field look okay was surprisingly hard. Painting grass is hard. You don't wanna just lay down a flat blob of color and add a bit of grass fluff and call it a day. Anyway, guess who we're going to be talking to for another...ten pages? Let's find out some shit! I keep trying to stagger my exposition scenes so it's not a ton of information at once, and this chapter has...a lot of exposition. Gotta set up what you guys need to know for the end of this arc. We're in...the third arc of the first...arc. IDK. Don't worry about, just enjoy. I know what I'm doing. All right, I'm off to get ahead on thumbnails and commissions and stuff. I'm wandering into Chicago tonight to get dinner with a friend, so I'm trying to actually focus and get shit done. By the time Wednesday rolls around, and these pages are done, focusing is not my strong suit any longer :P.