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Malaya doesn't let plant life keep her down
Posted June 3, 2020 at 12:24 pm

Vote over at TWC and see some thumbnails! Yay!

Hello! I'm alive! I survived a 15 hour day working the primary election yesterday! Cross your fingers I don't get coronavirus'd. So far, so good. I stayed pretty far away from everyone and had a mask on, but like, you kind of stop caring around hour 10 when you've fucked up the easiest Sudoku puzzle possible twice. I have a bunch of comments from the other day to look over, sorry I haven't been on top of them lately! I'll see what everyone's been saying, but hopefully you're jazzed for this chapter to wrap up because we're almost there :D

I had a lot of fun making this page! Not just because it doesn't feature me having to draw like six people on one page, but because I think the action was pretty cool.

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