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Maybe the scythe is long enough to reach the gas cans??
Posted January 21, 2020 at 10:57 am

Vote over at TWC and you can see Malaya being worried! It runs in the family.

I think the best part about writing a story is finding ways to continuously screw over your characters so things don't quite work out, and then taking all those ways your characters are screwed over and using them again later to advance the plot. Hm. Anyway, Charlene won't be much use during this full moon! That's too bad, we wouldn't want to leave Mal in a difficult place where she has to solve a problem alone using everything she's learned about herself and being a werewolf thus far >_>...

Anyway, my store link at the top of the page should link to Hivemill now, so go check out some merch! I'm going to try to add more soon, which is a thing I've said multiple times. I'm currently trying to get my act together for C2E2 in Chicago at the end of February. My table in artist alley is B-13 if anyone is in or near Chicago and wants to come see me! I'll be there with 100,000 of my closest friends. If I have a glazed look in my eye, assume I've been surrounded by too many people for too long and want to die.

Tomorrow is page 500!!! Look at me, I made it to 500 pages! It only took almost 5 years! Dang...I don't work fast enough lol