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Monogrammed towels
Posted September 20, 2017 at 2:06 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see the thumbnails that turned into this week's pages! They're...pretty goofy looking. I enjoy this page :). I like pages that act as a transition to the next major action, because it's an excuse to pack in whatever nonsense I want. If we went straight back into shopping...it'd be fine, but a little jarring, I think. I couldn't quite nail the colors down here, though. They look good! But I wanted them to be a little more cohesive, and I think I just ended up muting everything. Oh well, one day I'll get pages like this to work every time. At least I'm getting better at saturation. As per the last panel, I have no idea if they're engaged yet lol. I think MarMar are more the types who have been "engaged" since day one, and will just skip straight to a courthouse wedding when they get the notion. I wasn't totally sure why I picked "Grundy" as Marin's last name...probably from a name generator, actually. But I thought it fit. I feel like she needed a last name she kind of hated, so she has one last thing to finally shed. I haven't had a lot of opportunities to bring back around the "Marin doesn't watch TV or bother with popular culture" concept from chapter 2, but I landed on the idea that if she was brought up really isolated and in a conservative family, she wouldn't have context for a lot of media that most people are familiar with. (They're referring to Solomon Grundy, who is a villain in Superman...who to me, just looks like a fucked up version of the Hulk, but IDK.) Somewhere near the end of Chapter 6, I realized that I was cropping all my Photoshop files for the finished pages so that you guys didn't have to deal with the huge margins around every page. (The margins are meant to be trimmed off in print, but you have to have them initially, or your artwork is too close to the trim area.) SOOOO I've been slowly going through and adding margins back into all my Photoshop files. It's not hard, just time consuming, and I'm not sure why I hadn't thought about it earlier. Luckily, the few pages where I took the artwork all the way to the bottom of the page, I can just sub in the original Manga Studio/Clip Studio Paint artwork, because none of those files were ever cropped. SO FUN. Oh well. I've taken all the other steps to make sure I'm ready to go, though! Kept all my files huge to start with, I have a whole folder of high res TIFF files for when I get around to uploading to Comixology (aaany day now), keep all my files organized and have all the steps along the way safe and sound. Back shit up onto Google Drive. Ugh, but I overlooked the cropping! Live and learn :\.