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My new family is volatile and destructive, but it's fine!
Posted August 24, 2021 at 12:23 pm

Vote over at TWC and you can see some werewolf stuff from tomorrow's page! It gets harder to find the panels that aren't spoilers.

Lucassss, you're so fun to write! I love writing weird characters who are probably sociopathic in their nonchalant destructiveness. All my main crew are too likeable, so I had to throw him into the mix to make this complicated. I'm also having fun gearing up for our first real werewolf throwdown. All the other fights that we've had so far end up with me having to pull things back a little, because having Aubrey's crew at reduced power fight Mal and Elias at full power always requires a story reason for why they wouldn't just have their ass handed to them immediately. I don't have to fuck with that anymore, because everyone here is on a theoretically equal footing! Full power werewolves versus full power werewolves, and totally capable witches versus totally capable witches. It's like Superman vs Batman, but I never saw that movie, so I'm gonna assume they made out at the end after falling deeply in love. I'm not up on the current DC canon.


May merch drop! New tote bags and hoodies are being added to the Hivemill store! (I may be the webcomic on Hiveworks who utilizes the merchandise the most, from what I've seen...hm.) The hoodies are unisex sizing, but the tshirts run rather fitted, so I recommend sizing up!  (Two of the moons are flipped on the product images, but the files the shirts are printed from are corrected, so you should have moons in the correct order. My bad!)


HTBAW Fandom Wiki is up and running! Thanks to Myk Streja for tons of help with moderation efforts and everyone else who's done a ton of work on adding information and filling out the Wiki. Thank you everyone for contributing and it's an amazing and super detailed resource!

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