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New chapter new chapter HELL YES.
Posted September 2, 2015 at 1:35 pm
Chapter 4! YES! I made it. I should have the cover for this chapter done tomorrow, so I'll post that up at some point. Just seemed weird to post it today and make everyone wait an extra day for the comic page. It took awhile longer than I expected this morning to make this page creepy enough for my tastes. I keep forgetting to add speed lines to things because I'm used to showing motion without them >_>. I spent a long time finding blood splatter and paint splatter references on the internet in order to bring you that bloody arc there. Time to go comforter shopping! But Malaya doesn't leave the house much, so more like, time for Mal's mom to go comforter shopping! Maybe duct tape. I'm not a fan of the traditional "sit up really fast in bed" way of depicting someone waking up from a bad dream. I think it's cliched and not true to life. Most people just...wake up. I assume! I've had some bad dreams, but usually I just suddenly wake up. Not a lot of moving involved.