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Next time, leave your phone number taped to the deer.
Posted November 4, 2015 at 12:44 pm
Sorry today's page is running a wee bit late. I've got contractors at my house to put insulation in my attic, and there's a lot going on O_O. I need to eat breakfast still. Iamsohungry. I ended up rushing the coloring at the end, but I doubt anyone else will notice. Anyway, everyone got really chatty on this page. Except Aubrey's pack, who are mostly too exhausted to say much, I imagine. Soooo, Malaya's a little pissed. She's weirded out by the deer, and now she's got a pack of wolves threatening her basically at her own front door, and she's not cool with this situation. Writing this page was interesting, because I added a lot of this conversation at the last minute, because things didn't feel fleshed out enough, and I worried that it went a bit farther than it should have. There's a fine line between how I would react in a situation and balancing that with how my characters would act. Mal is used to controlling the hell out of herself, and keeping the wolf at bay, but at the end of it, she's all instinct and reaction. I am...not that! I'd probably be running the hell away in this scenario, and she's confronting five werewolves on the off chance that she can figure out how to beat them up. Yay! I wasn't sure that was the right direction for this, but it turned into a much more solid narrative for the end of the chapter, so I went with it. Sometimes, you just have to trust whatever crazy shit your werewolf protagonist is going to do and deal with it later.