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Posted June 7, 2016 at 1:44 pm
IT'S IN COLOR. That's great. Color is one of those things I understand perfectly well in theory, but then in application, I'm left flopping around trying to figure out what the hell I'm doing. I've gotten better! I'm generally much happier with my coloring abilities than I have been in the past, but I want to keep moving towards pages I'm even happier with. Theoretically, I will keep coloring future pages. I'd like to work on figuring out how to get this whole thing printed after Chapter 6 is done, and I'd like the book to go out with a bang. (There's way more story after chapter 6, but it's a good point to lead into the rest of the story, I guess.) Part of the problem is that in a comic, you don't just have on panel, you have many panels. And you don't just have one character, you have many characters! They're all wearing different clothes, which are all different colors. So if you're background is green (like here), you can't just have RED, it has to be kind of...greeny red. A red, but with green added to it. For harmony or some shit. And you can't do BROWN, it has to be brown with a lot of green in it. And you kind of have to throw out the color wheel all together, because what goes with green? Well opposite is red, so I could have a page that's all red and green, but that doesn't really work because you know, FOUR CHARACTERS FOUR PALETTES. I could do a page that's all green, but same issue. A page that's green/blue/yellow (analogous colors), but same issue. So, you know, comics sort of puts you in a no man's land of color theory, but fuck it. It looks good this way, but now you understand my struggle. Who speaks Spanish? (Better than I do...which is poorly.) Marisa's magic book is in Spanish, because hey, that's her first language. I went with El Libro de la Protección Mágica, which is what Google told me. Someone tell me if that's right, or right enough. You can't really read it because I got all fancy with the script, but let me know if that's super wrong and I'll fix it. (And redraw all those damn fancy letters? Balls.) So, as far as story goes, Elias is super evading the question here, because reasons, and Malaya is...blunt. Which is pretty indicative of the characters in general. Elias seems like a pretty happy dude, but he tends to shove his personal problems aside to be dealt with never/if needed. Malaya is on a bit of a hairpin trigger with her emotional issues, but she's open with them and actively tries to control and deal with them. And in the meantime, Marisa and Marin have been out doin' some basic work to help out, because...they both don't have jobs, I guess. The problem with Marisa being a nurse and Marin being a lawyer is that eventually we're going to run into some issues with "I have a job and I cannot just leave", because of all the jobs you can't just call off from, it would be those. (My cousin is a nurse and he has to schedule vacations like a year in advance. Ouch.) This is why Marisa works extra long shifts and less days, so I always have an excuse if needed. I finally finished Lost Girl! It was good! I think the show was kind of scrambling with itself in the last season, but they wrapped it up really nicely and tied up as many loose ends as I would have hoped they could. Frankly, considering how many other shows I watch that just drop the ball entirely on wrapping up plot points, I'm pretty sure Lost Girl comes out a general winner in that category. And bonus points for dealing with a love triangle in a way that didn't seem stupid as hell. Was it a little stupid? Yes. Because all love triangles are, let's be real. But for a show with a succubus for a main character, they managed to make it clear that there wasn't jealousy over who she slept with because hey, she's a succubus. And overall, the show was crazy sex positive, which was very refreshing. To have a main female character who was funny, smart, super into beating people up, overall kind and understanding, but who still made a point of banging most of the cast...it's almost like you CAN write a story with a fully formed female character! WHAT? Madness. I actually appreciated that they sexed up her wardrobe most of the time, too. Because she's curvy and tall, and it suited her personality really well. (Plus it was fun to look at :D.) I generally really enjoyed Kensi's character, which was my main concern when I first started watching. They made her goofy and excitable but kind and assertive, and it worked. Spoiler, kind of, but I never felt a lot of chemistry between her and Hale, so that seemed kind of off overall, but oh well. Also, her absence in a lot of season 5 seemed weird, but it matches up with when she was filming for Orphan Black, so I assume that's the reason for her departure. Also the reason for the blond hair. She seems like a totally different person in Orphan Black, so it's a super weird contrast. And finally, I would like to announce that I am NOT wearing pajamas as I type this, but actual people clothes! I decided I wanted to dress like a person today, not a hobo, so I finally wore my new bright green pencil skirt and a blue gingham button down. Because damn it, I want to wear real clothes some days, even if I have no excuse. I like wearing clothes :(.