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Oh, she's turning out really sarcastic. I can't imagine how that happened.
Posted February 17, 2015 at 6:11 pm
One day I'm going to write a story where the main character isn't a sarcastic asshole, but today isn't that day! Before anyone gets it in their heads that this whole 5 page setup was just a weird, werewolf meet-cute, I don't really have any plans for Malaya to have a love interest, and Elias is gay. Those things will be clear with time, buuuut at 2 pages a week, it'll be awhile, so I might as well let you know now. Mostly because I've not read a story with a female main character that doesn't have a love interest (I have plans to actually mess with that trope in like, chapter 3 or 4, somewhere in there), and I wanted to explore her as a person more than her as a girlfriend. In other news, I gave up drawing backgrounds on this page. You know where they are, it's fine. Tomorrow's story has totally different backgrounds! So many of them.