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Oh yeah, we probably should be concerned!
Posted November 6, 2019 at 12:35 pm

Vote over at TWC because I am WAY down and also to see Marin be very pissed about something lol

Thank you everyone for being cool about me taking a short break! I needed it! I'll be posting one page next week and then it's back to my regular schedule, but I'm looking forward to putzing around the house for a few days without having to draw or write or anything. I need a refresher! I worked our local election yesterday, and the cloud of dread that was looming over my for the week leading up to the results came true. We totally lost, minus a few incumbents who got reelected. Good for them! But that's a bummer. I had a really good feeling about it until that last week.

Damn, I realized I forgot to add the textures to the books on this page. Oh well! I'll reupload it later, because I see a few other small things I'd like to fix. For everyone wondering what Sara might be up to come full moon...uh, stuff. Things. Maggie will need reinforcements, but that takes help away from elsewhere. (She could call in her brother Ezra, but that's still only 3 werewolves on one very pissed off alpha, so...And Patty is human for all intents and purposes.)

Anyway, I'm gonna go get some shit done and finish up some pages or whatever and I might go bowling. I haven't taken a break in awhile so now I don't know what to do with myself lol