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Posted January 13, 2016 at 12:13 pm
Here ya go, page one freaking hundred. I made it. Everyone kiss my ass, I have gotten to this point and it's awesome. Go me, I'm great, I will never fail at anything ever. Also I have a weird sinus thing going on today and I feel straight up terrible, but yay, 100 pages! Fuck yeah! Anyway, Connie leaves the room and things get a bit different, and Harvey makes an appearance! Sans hoodie, this time. Harvey has turned out more androgynous than I originally planned for, which is kind of cool. I didn't think I could pull that off with my style of drawing. Harvey is a woman, though how she identifies is rather up to her, I think. Poor Aubrey, though. I like drawing these scenes because they're very quiet. I mean, yeah, that's easier to draw, but I also just like the visual impact of her just sort of standing there contemplating the situation. Eventually, the action in this story is going to take over, but I don't think action without pause is very interesting. A comic made of nothing but quiet moments isn't very interesting, but neither is one where shit just won't stop happening. All right, I'm gonna go nurse this sinus headache and start working on next week's pages. I don't have to draw Connie anymore for a little bit! Yay! But then I will again. But then I won't again! So on and so on.