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Personally, my inner werewolf always behaves better when it gets a little walk every day
Posted November 8, 2023 at 11:01 am

Vote at TWC and you can see thumbnails!! YESSS! (I don't have anything more exciting sorry)

I survived the election! I ate a lot of snacks and walked around in the hallway a lot and drank a lot of tea. I really enjoy spending time with the people I work the election with, but man, what a long day. The boss of our voting location asked his wife to bring me some of their leftover tomatoes for the season because I mentioned that I didn't get any good green tomatoes at the end of the year to make fried green tomatoes out of, so I got a bonus of a bunch of unripe tomatoes. Excellent day. 

I keep having to remember that we're at the beginning of this chapter still, so assume that, at the moment, I'm introducing an issue for Harvey that's going to need a whole chapter to resolve. We're going on a werewolf journey (again!) folks. I like having a lot of werewolves to work with, because each one has a different issue with being a werewolf. Mal is worried about hurting people and losing control of herself, Ginger is on a self-actualization leveling up journey, and Harvey is retroactively mad about losing her humanity due to Connie. We'll get to Marcus a bit later, too. He's generally pretty on board with being a powerful badass, but we'll explore it at some point in this chapter.


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