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Reach out and touch a werewolf.
Posted July 4, 2018 at 1:51 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see the thumbnails for this week's page and see how much you can decipher from next week's thumbnails as well! Probably not much. It's a challenge. I have to admit, I had NO CLUE what I was going to do with this whole werewolf training montage interlude, other than that I knew it needed to be important, and I know what comes after it. Writing is fun! But once I sat down and dug in a bit, I realized I could create some pretty cool visuals from the "inner journey" aspect of feeling like you're two things in one body. The other positive aspect is that I like drawing that weird cloud pattern, and the backgrounds for the next page or so are gonna be SUPER EASY which is great. I'm very tired and a page with minimal backgrounds and no buildings is like winning the lottery. I kind of gave up trying to make my wolves look like real wolves, though. Real wolves have much shorter ears and more square faces, and I just like the elongated aesthetics of a pointier animal. Happy 4th of July, Americans! Let's blow shit up to celebrate our freedom or whatever, as per usual. But what really matters is that JULY 5TH IS MY BIRTHDAY. Based on this chart, my birthday is 348th most common. (July 7th is 6th most common, though!) It's odd, though, because I personally know four other people from MY TOWN who were born on July 5th, three of whom were all born within a year or two of me. How did I end up with a statistically unusual birthday and still know so many people who have my birthday who live right near me? There may be another girl with my birthday, but I can't confirm, I just know our mothers were in the recovery room together and we went to school together. So, theoretically, we were born the same day or a day apart maybe. (I've found that one of the biggest hurdles to finding information on former classmates as an adult is that they all went off and got married, and now I have no idea who the hell the are on Facebook...and most of them don't use Facebook anymore anyway.) But yes, happy birthday to me. Tomorrow. But also, kind of today as well because the fireworks are also for me. If anyone was wondering, my birthday presents to myself include just about everything I've needed to justify buying since about February, including a really nice pair of rollerskates I haven't had a chance to use yet, some fancy Korean moisturizer that was on sale, and some new chairs for my back porch that were on clearance at Target. And maybe some other things too. My birthday is the best excuse to buy anything I otherwise won't give myself permission to buy. Like the candy I just ate for breakfast >_>. I'm turning 33.