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Saving bees IS very important though
Posted January 24, 2018 at 1:08 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see Charlene's coping mechanism from her mental journey in the closet. I am very tired! Very very tired. Most of yesterday was dedicated to trying to get my website to work properly, and then I've been chasing that dream today as well. So fun! I think it'll work much better for you guys! Using Wordpress is a bit of a nightmare for me right now, though. I keep getting 500 internal server errors, I think due to some PHP issue, but I can't find it. Fun! So, we'll see. I'm probably going to have to call in the big guns, and by big guns, I mean my friend Maureen who understands all this stuff much better than I do. My plugins are all up-to-date, my Wordpress install is up-to-date...I might have to reinstall some parts of WP if something's been corrupted, but I'm going to wait on that. I feel like there's a good possibility that I'd break something, and I'd rather have Maureen on board for back up to fix whatever I've fucked up. Anyway! Look at these nerds. Mal is basically psychologically manipulating her brother into a crisis of sexuality, but that's fine. He'll be fine. The running joke in this comic is that no one actually understands biology enough to know what the fuck Vincent is specifically interested in about biology, but endangered frogs and saving bees is probably up the right tree. (His main focus is ecology, but he also likes crossbreeding and growing vegetables. Vincent's not really a complicated guy.) And we're returning to the fact that Vincent is only marginally less messed up by the whole "secret werewolf" thing than his sister. She ended up a bit better in the socialization department, and he got to leave the house on a more regular basis, but they're still both kind of traumatized in different ways. The fun part about your trauma finally resolving itself is that there are all kinds of things about yourself that you've never considered! Like whether you might be queer in some way. Who knows? Vincent doesn't, because he's been focused on keeping his sister chilled out and studying bees. The background for the bottom panel looked too boring, so I added the bees and now it makes me very happy. They are not literal bees, they are not actually in the coffee shop...a couple of y'all worried me with the confusion over the frog panel from yesterday lol.