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Shave your face, please.
Posted February 1, 2017 at 12:56 pm
New month, new vote! Vote over at TWC and you can check out the thumbnails from this week :). I tried to put as many plants as I could into Vincent's room, because that's his deal. The weird plant in the corner, the name of which I have forgotten, is probably not digging being shoved in a corner, because they like light, but ~aesthetics~ wins. I'm not quite as deadpan as Vincent, but a lot of his emotional reactions to things are based on my own. Really, this whole story is just an auto-biography, except every character is me, and I'm not a werewolf. I think that's what they mean when they say "write what you know," though, because how else are you supposed to ground your characters in the real world? Anyway, possibly as some sort of teenage orphan PTSD thing, I don't tend to react to emotional or troubling situations until later. Maybe that's not unusual? I have no idea. My emotional baseline is pretty steady, and it takes a lot to move it up or down. I've more or less always been that way, but especially since I've gotten older. I will say, don't fuck with my dog. Or other dogs. Or any animal, really. I react to dog issues very quickly, so apparently I do still have emotions...they're just mostly animal-related. This might say more about my opinions about most humans than anything, though. In TV news, I've been escaping the real world through a combination of watching The West Wing and Forensics Files. Can I be transported to the universe where The West Wing is the actual white house? It makes everything seem so...taken care of. I'm still early on, though, and I've never watched it before. My mom used to watch The West Wing, so I imagine it'll appeal to me, too...Giant old school cellphones and all. So many pagers. Meanwhile, Forensics Files now has over 300 episodes on Netflix, and I guess I am just super into stories of grisly murder? Or something? I mean, the general theme is "this person was murdered, and we used forensic science to find out who did it!", which like, that's my jam. That's basically real world Bones without all the other strange nonsense. I had already watched most of the early episodes, but they're short and easy to watch in the background while I'm drawing. I keep trying to watch Star Trek: Enterprise but it's just...bad. I love Star Trek, but Enterprise kind of took basic canon and threw it out the window to do their own thing, in a lot of cases. I get that it's a prequel, and thus operates a lot closer to our own current time, but there's just no joy in the show most of the time.