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She's learning and using her vocab, Elias. Be supportive!
Posted October 11, 2022 at 11:59 am

Vote over at TWC and you can see Elias being annoyed lol

I'm having to wrap my head around Elias as a character in a different way in this chapter, because he's a different guy from when the story started. His family issues are catching up with him and he's out of things to teach Malaya as she's naturally starting to surpass him. He's settling into his new pack, but he's still struggling with cutting himself loose from his family pack (as you do in your early 20s when you're trying to create a life for yourself) and feeling unmoored. It's fun to write him this way, he needed more drama lol. I just need to lean into it because I tend to go easy on him, and he's not naturally a guy who overreacts to things. (Ginger, Harvey, Tom, and Aubrey are my big drama queens in this story :D)

Anyway, I doubt that Ginger would really need to take the SATs at her age, especially because she needs to like, have a government identity and take the GED in lieu of high school, but I like the idea that she casually studies things in her spare time.


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