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Posted November 3, 2021 at 12:29 pm

Vote over at TWC and you can see some thumbnails! I forgot the link yesterday!

I have the internet back and working! If I weren't tech savvy, I would have given up tbh. Every time I have to hook my modem to my router from scratch, it requires a factory reset of my wifi router and setting it all up from the beginning. No idea why, but it's the only way I've ever made it work. I'd get one of those all-in-one modem/router dealies, but the signal never seems great and my walls are thick plaster. 

Maintaining a sense of space in this werewolf fight is hella difficult, honestly. I've tried to keep some sort of consistency in the trees, though I know they shift around anyway. Now I have Aubrey and Ginger as landmarks because they've been KO'd, so that's good? For me?

Anyway, off to draw page 666! That doesn't feel ominous at all!

The Kickstarter is still ongoing! You've got til the middle of November, but please share it around and tell your friends :). We're almost to the first stretch goal of $35k! Only $800 to gooooo. 


May merch drop! New tote bags and hoodies are being added to the Hivemill store! (I may be the webcomic on Hiveworks who utilizes the merchandise the most, from what I've seen...hm.) The hoodies are unisex sizing, but the tshirts run rather fitted, so I recommend sizing up!  (Two of the moons are flipped on the product images, but the files the shirts are printed from are corrected, so you should have moons in the correct order. My bad!)


HTBAW Fandom Wiki is up and running! Thanks to Myk Streja and ShitaraRen for tons of help with moderation efforts and everyone else who's done a ton of work on adding information and filling out the Wiki. Thank you everyone for contributing and it's an amazing and super detailed resource!

Feel free to check out my goofy Amazon store if you're so inclined (this is an ad, as I get a tiny commission if you do buy something), or I have some merch up on Society6 if you're looking for my old store link! Thanks to everyone who's come out to support me through Ko-fi and Patreon!