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The dumbest, best thing I've ever done
Posted August 22, 2017 at 12:30 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see a panel from tomorrow's page! That's done! Because I'm productive today! THE PLOT THICKENS. KIND OF. I know the werewolf cure was almost blatantly obvious from day one of this flashback, but I don't think everything needs a twist. Sometimes, you need good ol' sincerity with a side of feelings. Predictability is nice when it sets up anticipation for a good pay off, which you guys will get, I think. This part has been a bit of a challenge to write in a balanced way, because it still has to feel like a flashback. My natural inclination is to drag everything out, but when you're recounting a story to someone, the gritty details tend to fall away. And in the end, this is a side story to help inform future stuff. That last face was hilarious in thumbnail form. It still works, but my little scribble was a real masterpiece that nothing could have lived up to. Marisa has a flip phone despite the fact that it's probably ~2010 ish by this point, because that was really on the cusp of when you'd have gone smart phone or stayed with your dumb phone a little longer. I think 2010 was only up to the iPhone 2, maybe 3, and they were still stupidly expensive. Plus, there's the satisfying finality of snapping a flip phone closed that we're all missing in our lives. I would say more, but I'm EXHAUSTED. I'm posting this Monday night because I'm having some work done on my house tomorrow and I've spent all day getting these pages done and moving furniture and running errands. I still have to practice violin, but my expectations are low! When I picked up playing violin again after an off-and-on hiatus, I promised myself to practice at least 30 minutes, 4 times a week. WELL...I have stuck to 4 times a week. I'm pretty liberal with my definition of "30 minutes", though. But hey, if you knock off the years I didn't play at all, I've played like...13 or 14 years? I kind of lost track. I'm not going to Carnegie Hall, but I'm not bad. There's a small local orchestra that's starting in October to gear up for playing some Christmas music around the holidays, and I'm thinking of joining. After years of playing Sleigh Ride for my school system's holiday review concert, I'm kind of over Christmas music, but I do miss playing with other people. It'll be me and the local retirees! Just like all my other hobbies :).