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The house used to be trees, so nature gets it back too.
Posted July 29, 2020 at 1:37 pm

Vote over at TWC and you can see some thumbnails! Exciting!

The trick to drawing TWELVE people in one panel is that they're all ants. Identifiable ants! But still ants. 

For everyone who guessed that the magic was gonna take the house too, you were right! This was a decision I made both because it's a nice narrative cap (everything has changed completely, you can't go back to your old life) and also because I don't want to draw the house anymore. I'm done! Never again. Now it's twigs and I'm free! 

I've been thinking that instead of jumping straight into chapter 11, which I need to work out the details for, I might do an interlude that focuses more on Marin/Marisa and Elias/Vincent that's shorter and only vaguely related to the main plot. Like 20 pages or so that will help show some space between the end of this chapter and when the next crazy shit begins. I'll think on it.

I've had a nutso week, so I'm going to go clean myself up and figure out my day and attempt to find some human contact and it'll be great.


I made a TikTok? 

I made a Fandom Wiki for HTBAW. I did very little to it, because I don't know what I'm doing and I'm too tired/busy to learn, but if you'd like to help edit it and add things, please feel free. Thank you to everyone who's contributed so far! It's coming along great! (I've also not had time to check into this, but I'm going to assume anyone who cares to update it probably has a thing for accuracy, so I'll periodically check to add things when I can. If you're working on it, please feel free to add any artwork from the comic or my Twitter that you'd like to the wiki, no need to ask. Artwork away.)

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