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The hunter is hunted.
Posted May 8, 2018 at 1:13 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see Charlene's very understandable coping plans. Ah, the brief wonder that was being in the top 10 or whatever over on Top Web Comics lol. The joys of updating the first day of the month! I definitely had good numbers last week. I'm rather amazed at the folks who put most of their efforts into the vote incentives and whatnot, because it just seems very exhausting to fight it out for that handful of extra votes that will get you to the top of the list. (Though I suspect the 1-10 spot comics have a much higher reader count than I do and don't have to work as hard :p.) Anyway, we're almost done with this mug-based exposition about how horrible Connie is! Then we can work on resolving the issue of Connie being horrible! Wonderful. I suppose I could have introduced our two dead people somewhere earlier, but there honestly hasn't been a good spot to mention it. And ultimately, they aren't all that important. Sorry, guys! You were just the catalyst to a story, punished for your efforts to get out of the house and become acquainted with nature. Connie would have no issues going after a guy with a giant rifle, because it's not her body she's technically risking...even though Ziva getting hurt would put her magical resources at risk. Oops! Thinking ahead isn't Connie's strong suit. I asked my cousin, who's a nurse with a fancy degree I forgot the name of, if you could just look up the patient records at a hospital for a patient you're not assigned to, and he said you'd put up some red flags if you did. My other friend works in the lab at a nearby hospital, and she said it'd be plausible to look up someone's records without anyone thinking it's weird. So I went with the most benign solution, which is that gossip around the ward would be enough to glean the information, especially in a pretty weird case like dying from a bite after being found unconscious in the woods. Technically, they did die of the werewolf bite infection, though sepsis wouldn't probably kill you quite that quickly. The internet wasn't totally helpful on that, but it's in the realm of believability, and that's what matters! In a story about werewolves. I have a neat announcement coming this week (tomorrow, I think?), so stay tuned for that! ALSO, many apologies, but the comment section will be switching over to Disqus in the nearish future because of reasons. (Don't worry about it.) The login options will mostly be the same, except I don't know if Wordpress logins work through Disqus. Anyway, don't worry about it. Older comments will be imported to Disqus, so they should still show up. We'll see. Pray for Mojo. ALSO ALSO, I'll be on vacation as of next Wednesday, so I'll be posting just one page next week and the week after, and then we're back to regular schedule of two pages a week. I won't have internet access the whole time, but I'll do my best to make sure moderated comments get approved in a timely manner. That'll be nice, because when I come back, we get into some much more uplifting content compared to the psychological trauma that is Connie.