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This chapter is so fun and uplifting
Posted February 7, 2018 at 12:48 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see a panel from next week's page to help give you an idea of just how poorly Connie/Flora planned this. Such a healthy relationship. I think there was only one person from yesterday's comments who guessed that she got pregnant to keep Thomas from leaving her, which hey! That's not okay! You should always be able to trust your partner to be truthful about birth control, friends. And if in doubt, use multiple methods so you don't end up with a werewolf baby who's going to slowly kill your possibly-ex???-girlfriend. Anyway, take note that Flora/Connie's main beef here is him being mad at her, not that she did something fucked up. A recurring theme in abusive relationships is that one partner won't accept the other partner having negative emotions, even if they're very valid. It's one thing if your partner is flying off the handle all the time, in which case, yeah...those aren't valid negative emotions. But when you're mad for a very real reason ("you said we were protected from getting pregnant, but then you stopped using birth control without telling me????"), your partner should be able to discuss that with you, even if there's an interim cooling down period needed to have an actual conversation. And hey, if you need a cooling down period to have that discussion, your partner should be able to accept that. Not everyone fights the same way, and pursuing a fight when one person needs space for a little while first only escalates things. (Part of the problem is that I think there's a very satisfying primal feeling that fighting with someone creates. I think as much as we all would like to be happy, being angry triggers a lot of the same chemicals in the brain. Someone has made you mad! You get to yell at them! But not being able to get control over those emotions means that you could destroy your relationship, assuming it's healthy and otherwise worth saving, or things could escalate unsafely on both sides and lead to violence. Part of being an adult is learning how not to be an asshole and not giving in to satisfying primal anger, even if it feels good at the moment. And, you know, confronting and managing that anger when it does pop up so you're not just shoving it all down like a bomb waiting to explode later on. Go for a walk or something, IDK.) If you're like me and you don't like watching assholes fight out their relationship issues for pages on end, don't worry. We've got two more pages of regular abusive relationship fighting before the more fucked up supernatural aspects of this flashback kick in. But you need to see this part for the rest of it to matter. In other news, I'm trying to set up my files for printing for the first few issues of this series, which I'll be selling at C2E2 in Chicago in April! Coming into this comic, I already had a decent background in graphic design. It's a lot of stuff I learned sort of trial-by-fire, and I've improved a LOT over the last five years or so. So I already knew to set up all my files at a high enough DPI, large page sizes, bleeds and margins etc. And my main plan was to just set up a batch action in Photoshop, run it, and my files would be ready! BUT NOOOOOOO. It never seems to work out the way I want things to. Each page is somehow off JUST ENOUGH that it's better to go through and make sure everything lines up. Also, for some reason, part of my Photoshop action is pasting in the template, sizing it up and centering it to match the other page sizes, and then cropping based on the template layer. Aaaand PS just sort of ignores the "sizing up" part. I have no idea why. It's in the action! Size up 150%, center horizontal and vertical, select layer, crop, delete layer. It does all that except the 150% resize part. Thanks, Photoshop. I love you.