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This looks less stupid than when Elias howled in human form
Posted May 15, 2019 at 1:02 pm

Vote over at TWC and you can see a bunch of thumbnails! Just because they're cool to see all in one place.

Sorry it took so long to get this page up today! I was messing around for too long with the colors because I couldn't get them to gel. I still kind of can't wrap my brain around the colors on this page, but it's fine. As I've said various times before, making a comic page work as a cohesive piece of art is frustrating, because it's really like hanging a bunch of art next to each other on the wall. It probably looks fine if they're not related, but it looks much more like one unit if each picture relates to the others. And when you've got seven characters on one page (Tim's feet are very small, but they're there), it's a lot of palettes to manage and make relate to each other. I probably shouldn't mess with it for so long and it'd look better lol.

Anyway, I hope this page clarifies the territory issue a bit more. Our tiny pack is being confronted very close to Aubrey's house (which has been established as very close to Malaya's house), so they aren't moving in on just any old forest. This is THE forest that separates Mal and Aubrey that this pack of weirdos would like to take over. Hopefully that makes it more obvious why Elias was quick to be so pissed off! 

I left this off yesterday, but if you'd like some sweet merch through Hiveworks' store for How to be a Werewolf, please go check out what I've got! I'll try to add more at some point, but hopefully this stuff will get you started. Our other options are tote bags and tshirts, so maybe I'll put a cool wolf on a tote bag or something. IDK what people like because I don't buy things that aren't shoes or plants.