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This mean guy is not an exaggeration.
Posted May 26, 2015 at 1:20 pm
I survived the week from hell! (Everyone where I work is on vacation or called off. Thanks guys.) And still managed to finish this damn page! I made an effort to really keep this one and tomorrow's page a little simpler than I've been getting myself into lately, but I really like the results! (Hell, at the end of the day I could use to simplify everything by a factor of like, 12. But I won't.) Angry guy is back! Which is not great, but it's fine. He'll be back off and on. I wish I could say he's an exaggeration of the people you meet working in customer service, but he's pretty tame honestly. I work at a department store, and the other night there was a lady who was drunk as hell and arguing that we should take the sensor off this dress she claimed she had purchased, but she had no receipt or proof of purchase. She was so drunk and making such a scene, my manager gave her the damn dress just to prevent all the other customers around her from fleeing the scene. It was pretty weird. So obviously, controlling the werewolf thing isn't as easy as it might seem, even a bit farther from the full moon. That sucks! It'll only get harder...