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Welcome to the Great Lakes!
Posted January 13, 2021 at 1:30 pm

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I'm distracted as HELL today, so sorry it took longer to get this up than it normally would. I don't have a lot of focus during the winter, I think. My brain gets in a sleepy haze because I'm meant to be hibernating or something. I feel focused when it's warm outside and sleepy when it's cold. Also, I have some errands to run and I think I'm just excited to have a reason to go do something that's not inside my house that I keep getting distracted thinking about like...buying La Croix and some batteries. Wooooo! Living the life, kids.

Charlene is looking at Lake Superior right now. There are a lot of spots along Lake Superior that are supposed to just be gorgeous, including a whole chunk of beach that's rocks and waterfall. There are quite a few waterfalls around the Great Lakes, but I've never seen one and I'm kind of bummed. I think it's too flat where I live. If you've never been around the Great Lakes, which is understandable but I'm sad for you, it really does look like you're staring at the ocean. We don't have whales and shit, but you can't see where the horizon ends. Sometimes you can see other things that are far off along the shoreline. If I visit Lake Michigan, I can always see Chicago, especially on a clear day, because I live near the lowest point of the shoreline and it curves up on either side. I can't usually see anything towards Michigan, I guess because it's a more gradual curve that way and there aren't any tall buildings over there.

(Charlene practices good hygiene and doesn't go grabbing her bag of cherries until she's washed her hands off, which is just prudent.) 


I haven't forgotten about my idea for a contest yet! It got a bit waylaid because my life is chaos and I'm trying to get a million things done this month it seems, but we'll come back to it one day! In the meantime, there's new merch up at the Hivemill store. I added some new prints and tshirts finally, so if you like my comic and would like to support me, please go see if there's something you like! The shirts are American Apparel, so size up if you're not sure what size to get.

I made a TikTok? I haven't been using it really, but China already knows my whole life at this point anyway.

HTBAW Fandom Wiki is up and running! Thanks to Myk Streja for tons of help with moderation efforts and everyone else who's done a ton of work on adding information and filling out the Wiki. I know nothing about how this stuff works and I'm too old to learn :D.

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