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Well, that wasn't too hard.
Posted August 31, 2016 at 5:36 pm
Yay, the internet helped! Granted, I have never tried breaking a padlock by smacking it with a hammer, but the internet informs me that this is very effective. I'm sure they could've picked the lock if they dicked around with it long enough, but this was too funny to pass up. I've fixed a lot of problems by hitting things with hammers, so I gotta keep it real. Sorry for the very late post today! I wanted to get it up during my usual time frame, but my damn internet was down, and the company said it would take til early morning to have it back up again. Awesome! Thanks for that. Glad I pay for this. Oh man, I have so many comments to go through! You guys are blowing up my email and it's awesome :). It'll take me awhile to get through them all, but I shall endeavor to do so. My new kitchen is going in this week, so my life is basically pure chaos, and every one of my animals has been extra needy as a result. I think they want reassurance that we're not all about to die or something. Animals don't like change. I don't like change, either, so I get it. So, as for this page, I enjoyed doing research into messy work spaces. I assume whatever is down there is probably a holdover from whoever lived in the house before Connie, because her only priority is having plants, really. And before we all point out that it's stupid to lock some dudes in a basement that's full of tools that would be easy to use for escaping...yes it is. We're not dealing with seasoned villains here, just a pack of self-taught werewolves with a minimum of actual education. They're making an effort, but their effort is bad. It occurs to me, that given the size of this house, this must just be a partial basement. Or there's another part of the basement that's not connected to this part. (This isn't unusual in older homes, like mine, where the house got added onto in fits and spurts throughout the years, and it doesn't always make sense to dig out the basement so it connects everywhere.) Anyway, there's your spacial issue with this comic for the day. It didn't seem right to have a giant, massive basement, because...I'd have to draw a giant massive basement, and also, it seems less oppressive to be locked in a giant space than it does to be locked in a room with one tiny window. Anyway, I just got back from the gym and boy, are my arms tired...that's not a joke, or even approaching a joke, because it was arm day, and I've got noodle arms now :(. So I'm going to get cleaned up and start answering various comments. Have a good day, friends!