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Werewolf reflexes are no match for cellphones
Posted January 10, 2024 at 12:08 pm

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It's been pointed out to me that Casey having a cellphone messes up the last chapter, because they could have still attended the meeting via her phone. I mostly wanted a stupid gag to open this scene with, but then that got me thinking and it turned into a plot point for the rest of the scene that also ties into me randomly deciding she needed a haircut, so everything is good. I wish I was the kind of writer who can do all this stuff ahead of time and have a huge buffer, but I really like the flexibility to change it up when I need to. Also I'm lazy and I like to write on a tight deadline.

As happens whenever I toss more werewolves into the damn mix (this cast is not getting smaller, I guess), I now have a whole new bunch of people whose lives we can dive into for story content. Hooray! A lot of this chapter will end up focusing on Harvey as a proxy for what's going on with the creepy house werewolves, and Casey will sort of be the proxy for what's going on with Tom's pack.


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