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Werewolf-Related Anxiety Disorder.
Posted March 24, 2015 at 5:47 pm
So, there's not much actually happening on this page, but it actually addresses the crux of this whole story, so it's kind of important. The whole reason I conceived of this story to begin with was that I wondered what would happen if you got turned into a werewolf at a young age and then just...sort of got left to your own devices to figure shit out on your own. I figured for me, I'd be an anxious mess most of the time, worried about not hurting anyone and not transforming, and that's where a lot of Malaya's personality comes from. She's quick to admit her issues, but mostly because she hasn't had an opportunity to do so before, but most of the time is sarcastic, defensive, and kind of defeated. In the end, even with some weird evil thing lurking on the outskirts of this story, it's more about dealing with and living with anxiety than it is about werewolves. Mostly because I know a lot about that already, so you write what you know. If it seems weird that she'd hold down a full time job while trying not to eviscerate customers, it really is a comfort thing. Even when you're living with anxiety, a lot of people deal pretty well if they're in their comfort zone. Malaya grew up at the coffee shop, so to her, it's just a second home with a bunch of strangers in it. And coffee she can't drink because caffeine is bad for dogs. (Oops.) Adorable/scary flashback scenes start tomorrow! (Also, it's apparently very windy, but Elias's hair doesn't move because I barely understand how it works as it is.)