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Werewolf senses tingling! What is it, Lassie?
Posted January 3, 2024 at 11:57 am

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Does a Lassie reference date me too hard? Oh well, that show was great and I really wanted a Collie dog when I was a kid. I've only ever had mutts, though, and I wouldn't trade them. Louise is the perfect mix of random breeds that it's like having five dogs in one.

Anyway, Malaya is still processing the idea of taking a step towards the future, though she's not fully ready to grasp that the future is an option yet. And truth be told, from a writing perspective, I'm still working out what business I want her to open, because I don't want to lock the story into something now when I'd rather her build up to realizing what she wants out of this new venture. If she comes out and decides, "Hey, I want to open a werewolf hair salon!" at this juncture, I haven't really done the work to set up why she'd be passionate about that over something else. Right now, she's enamored with the possibility of having the possibility to possibly do something, possibly.


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