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Posted September 7, 2016 at 1:26 pm
If you vote for me today over at Top Web Comics, you can see the thumbnail scribble of this page! Which looks veeery similar to this page, because I basically just inked right over it >_>. So, obviously this page is pretty simple. I don't like to do a lot of pages with so few panels, but the other ways I tried to arrange this situation didn't work effectively. Some random comic-making insight: building emotion takes time. I tried this layout with additional panels, basically cutting to her reaction to this sequence (which will be in next week's pages lol), and it dulled both emotions. None of it was focused on long enough. Eventually, we'll get back to pages with stupid one-liners at the end, but not yet! Got some feelings to have about things first. So many feelings. Initially, I was also planning to have her hair cut off at the panel border, and then decided that wasn't enough hair. I only accept MAXIMUM HAIR in all appropriate panels. (Which is all panels.) After this page, the calm before the storm is going to start to break. I'm looking forward to drawing action scenes again, because I never get to! I wrote a fucking cerebral werewolf story with no action lol. I've taken Malaya in a lot of directions emotionally in this chapter so far, and I'm looking forward to the point that it all hits home. She started out feeling pretty good about her abilities, then whipped around to feeling bad about herself, then felt worried, then kind of angry, then kind of...numb? but determined, and now...determined but maybe not so confident. Not much to say today, unfortunately. I had a chunk of concrete dropped through the rear windshield of my car yesterday, and I didn't realize it until I went out to plant my hydrangeas. (They look lovely, and will really help out the flowerbed on the side of my house that I've been ignoring for years. That is, if they live. So far, so good.) I had a rock thrown through my rear window back in May, so for a $200 window, I guess I'm averaging about a four month lifespan. Awesome. So, I'm now on rear windshield #3. I assume the same person broke it this time. I talked to the police officer, and he said, just like last time, someone has done this to multiple cars in around where I live. Also, someone has been breaking into cars all over town. I live in the kind of place where you don't really have to lock your doors and windows most of the time, so it's frustrating when stupid shit like this happens. For now, I'm parking in my tiny driveway instead (inconvenient!), and planning to call the little old ladies who run my insurance broker to see about adding additional coverage to my plan. They're the only ones in town who will insure a house as old as mine for a decent rate, plus they're so charming and elderly. They have an actual paper file on my house dating back to the mid-80s with every claim my family has ever made, all in neat handwriting. I love it. Anyway, glad my car is an '06 economy sedan and not something fancy.