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What, like you've never stolen a few kids before?
Posted May 1, 2018 at 2:04 pm
Vote over at TWC because it's the first of the month, so the vote count has reset, and also because it'd make me happy! You can see a rather ominous panel from tomorrow's page that I'm not hardly at all done with yet. I have to go through all the comments from last week still! Sorry for the delay! Life has been coming at me like a freight train lately, and I don't really know why? I don't feel like I have an excessive amount of stuff going on, but then obligations fly at me out of nowhere and now I'm exhausted. ALSO, head's up, the week of the 15th/16th and the following week, I'll only be posting one page each week! I'm going to California for eight days, and there's just no way that I'll be able to keep up with the website from my phone if I have to track four pages worth of comments instead of two :p. I'm pretty desperately in need of a break, so I know you guys will understand :). Look at all these babies! They're in danger. You're in danger, babies. I think I secretly enjoy drawing Harvey the most, even though her hair is a pain in the ass, because her surliness really speaks to me. I'm looking forward to when we can see these guys more often, but also not looking forward to it, because adding so many characters into the mix on the regular is daunting as hell. It's hard to fit in all the main characters often enough that people don't forget they exist lol. Okay, I have about a billion things to do today, including replying to previous comments and also finishing tomorrow's page and also early voting for our primary elections, so I'll see you guys tomorrow!